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Finnish Spas

There are many reasons to choose a Finnish Spa for your next holiday destination.

Spas have a long tradition in Finland. Spas have been used for health and well-being for hundreds of years. Our professional and experienced staff will serve you with pleasure and with your needs in mind. There are specialised treatments utilising their own unique areas of know-how and natural care products, such as natural clay and peat.

Finnish companies are also accustomed to keeping their environmental impact as low as possible and focussing on sustainable development. The carbon footprint is also smaller than for holiday destinations you need to reach by plane or ship. Finnish Spas are located largely in the midst of pure nature, by the sea or beside a lake. In natural locations, where you can recharge your batteries, both physically and mentally.

Finnish Spas are located largely in the midst of pure nature, by the sea or beside a lake."

Despite its name, a spa offers visitors today much more than just a variety of swimming pools and saunas or traditional spa treatments. Modern spa hotel guests can enjoy a diverse range of sports and other activities, comfortable accommodation, luxury day spas – treatments, a wide range of dining facilities and lots of entertainment and culture, not to mention the spa itself and its surroundings. We offer all you can find in a neighbouring city's hotel and at the same time much more besides. You decide which of our services you would like to enjoy at any given time.

The Finnish Spas association represents 12 independent well-being destinations, independent of the large chains, in different parts of Finland. We are united by the desire to offer you an unforgettable experience of high-quality and personalized service.

Come and enjoy Finnish spas!